💗✨💙Recently I had a massage and the quality of touch was sublime... the masseur told me that there is a 'Centre of Touch' where research about how the human body, mind & spirit responds and affected by touch and also the quality and the intention behind the...

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PROLOGUE (not necessary to read and I swear I am okay with this trip, but writing it feels like the a cathartic act just summarising to check I was not making it up): BRISTOL TO PORTO, 4 DAYS AGO An EPIC journey to get to Portugal: 19:10 Flight cancellation to...

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So, here we are... Interview questions from TJ to myself!  1. You are an extensive traveller and a yogi, Im curious in what ways have you found your outer-world-exploring overlapped with your inner-world-exploring? Or do you find you learn very different things from...

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YIN MEETS YIN: 5 questions

Join TJ and I for what was meant to be 5 questions each but we already think we need another round... Maybe 3... Interviewing across oceans 🙂 Here are my questions and TJ's answers! 1 Tell me more about your silent experience. What was the process like? Its tricky...

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Granola, Granola

As promised, the granola recipe that I have used for many yoga brunches in the past and then was brought back to life recently... Kitty added some of her Ayurvedic touches for our White's Botanicals version. Check out this much used scrap of paper with the failsafe...

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“Stillness Speaks”: Cityside to Countryside

‘Let us allow nature to teach us stillness. Be the aware presence that perceives the flower, the tree, the plant, the animal. Nature is always helpful for people that want to connect with the stillness. Manmade things very often generate more thinking because they are...

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A Whirlwind Of All Things Wild Wolf’s

Welcome to the Wild Wolf Pack! In a whirlwind of all things Wild Wolf’s, one thing slipped by: our blog… Almost 6 months later, we are ready to share. In some ways intrigued to see what actually comes up, what our teachers will bring to the blog, what our ever-growing...

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