Our classes offer a very focused and individual approach between teacher and student and we want to make choosing your class easy.

At Wild Wolf’s we are all about movement and committed to guiding all of our students along the way. If you would like help choosing the right class, please call or message us for more information and advice.

Wild Flow Yoga


Incorporating spiralling movements, we draw on the disciplines of Tai Chi and piece these together to create a Wild Wolf Flow. Inspired by a Yin and Yang style practice and honouring the balance of its complementary elements, we complete the flow by sinking into longer releasing postures.

Power Yoga


Looking anatomically at postures, Power Yoga is about building a well informed practice through dynamic sequences. Detailed descriptions of variations are always available within poses to suit all levels of practice.

Flow & Power Flow Yoga


Music infuses this strong and flowing practise. Carried by ambient beats, the sequences build up and we flow in and out of poses with spiralling movements and breath awareness, exploring fluidity and developing strength. Flow Yoga is an ideal foundation to our Power Flow; creative movements and sequencing make this a fun and higher energy class!

Energising Flow

Rhythmic, Energising, Strong and Balancing

Music infuses this strong and flowing practise. Carried by ambient beats, the sequences build up and flow in and out of poses with breath awareness, exploring fluidity and developing strength. Energising Flow is a 75 minute class on a Saturday morning- creative movements and sequencing make this a fun and high energy class. Time to head a little yin-side at the end of the session to energise and bring balance for the weekend!

Ashtanga Yoga

Strength and Flexibility

Ashtanga is a traditional dynamic form of yoga that works with the breath enhancing full body strength and flexibility. We start with adapted primary series which offers a set sequence with slight variations each week.  Within this set sequence you see the difference each day can bring and delve deeper into the poses. As the sequence becomes more familiar a meditative flow can develop too as you work with both the mind and body.

Intro To Yoga

Developing Strength and Flexibility


Learn the basics of yoga practice. Improve confidence, strength and flexibility in this introduction to moving harmoniously with breath and your body’s needs. Explore the foundations with guided support throughout- a great way to practice whether you are completely new or have yoga-d before.

Booty Burn

Strength and Conditioning

A high energy, uplifting workout combining techniques from dance, pilates and yoga. Tone and define your whole body, build a booty and feel the burn! An hour of butt strengthening, core engaging and energising movement. Create a sweat: move, squat, jump and kick!

Intro To Gymnastics


Step out of the box and learn to use your body in a different way. Gain confidence with elements of tumbles, inversions and overall gymnastics based skills. Strengthening, lengthening and fun!  A great way to complement your yoga and fitness practices. This class is accessible for all abilities.

Strength and Stretch


Condition muscles, look and feel good. Strength and Stretch will develop your strength and mobility using your own bodyweight. Finishing the session with HIIT (high intensity interval training) and a deep stretch will get you fired up and set for the day. Coach Lydia Batt supplements this class with her ‘Intro To Gymnastics’.

Yin Yoga


A slower paced style of movement and relaxation. Expect seated and lying poses held for longer periods of time to encourage you to melt and release. Yin Yoga is a deeply nourishing, revitalising and restful practice – an antidote to life in the fast lane.

Sonic Yin


Our Sound Therapist, Rhianna, takes an elemental approach to playing the gong – working with earth, wave and fire sounds us into balance. It blends perfectly with a yin yoga session. Sound therapy, combined with yin, is a great way to de-stress, relax, and sooth muscle aches and pains… massaging the body and the mind.

Silent Yin


Like regular yin – a slower paced style of movement and relaxation – but done in silence, apart from a short introduction. We explain the poses at the start of class and then retreat into silence for the practice of the poses. This is a deeply meditative, contemplative, and powerful practice. Share the yin love, in silence! Most suitable for those who have done yin yoga before.

Slow Flow and Wild Stretch


Combining a gentle yoga flow with yin-inspired stretches. A slow and strong flow of poses to nourish the body & mind, with a strong focus on breath awareness. Towards the later stages of class the pace is slowed as poses are held for longer periods of time, encouraging a release of tension and build energy for the day ahead.

Candlelit Restorative


Melt tensions away in a warming candle lit environment. Candlelight Restorative Yoga involves slowing down and opening the mind and body as you settle into supported postures. Expect to use props, be cocooned and feel safe.

Scaravelli Inspired


A gentle and anatomical approach to yoga, developing ways to move intuitively. Scaravelli yoga will undo tension, refine movement and restore natural suppleness and vitality to the spine. Appropriate for all ages.

Pregnancy Yoga


A whole body approach throughout pregnancy and into the birthing process, supporting you physically and emotionally as you connect you with your body and your baby. A powerful experience to enjoy with other expectant mothers. Suitable from 13 weeks into your pregnancy. Please contact Jess at Wild Wolf’s to discuss.

Mama & Baby


Bond and have fun with your new baby. In Mama & Baby Yoga you both get your yoga on. You’ll feel stretched and relaxed, and your relationship with baby taken to a special closeness. Regain mobility and strength, connect with your little one and meet other new mothers.

Wild Cubs: Yoga, Stories & Gymnastics

Fun, Calming and Feeling Good

Using stories to explore yoga and gymnastics is super a fun and creative way for children to feel great. Exploring postures improves flexibility and fitness; breath work helps children to feel calm and stories stimulate imagination and movement.