All Memberships are purchased through your Mindbody account.

Morning Membership: RISING WARRIORS


Calling all those who love to get your body moving in the morning, social butterflies that doesn’t have evenings free, or maybe your work schedule insists on you finding that morning medicine. You’ll be able to attend and explore any of our classes until 12pm Monday – Friday and full access on weekends.

Lunchtime Membership: POWER UP YOUR LUNCH HOUR


This membership gives you access to all classes between 12:00pm – 3:00pm. If you’re craving that midday break for a Wild Flow, Power Yoga, Booty Burn or Yin. Lunchtime only membership also includes full access to weekend classes.

Evening Membership: TWILIGHT HOUR


Loving your after-work-release? Reset for the evening, come home feeling fresh, relaxed and recharged. Treat your bodies to our evening only membership, this allows access all classes in evenings between 5:00pm – 9:00pm. This time slot has our most extensive range of classes and teachers. Evening membership also includes full access to weekend classes.

Unlimited Membership: WILD WOLF PACKAGE


Whether you are a newish to movement or a regular mover and groover, the name says it all. Over time we have developed such wide range of incredible teachers and classes to fit everyone. With enough variety of classes, schedule and teachers we have created the complete Wolff Pack package. This is for those that can move any time of any day, any day – maybe even multiple classes! We invite to be part of our community with access to unlimited classes 7 days a week. Join or cancel at any time, no extra fees, no pressure. Come join the pack!

The way to your inspired movement.