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Our entire timetable remains available to join online. Thank you to the community for your continued support and dedication! Read below for more details on classes, prices & memberships.

Join us, let’s stay connected

We are so grateful for our loving community that continues to support us as we navigate these challenging times. Our entire timetable is live streamed via zoom, each class is recorded & available for 24 hours. Please head to the timetable page on our website to see the full schedule and book your class with us. You can stay updated by joining our mailing list using the link at the bottom of this page. We look forward to welcoming you back into the physical space when it is safe to do so.

Online pricing

Class packs

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Single Class

Join us for inspired movement.


5 class pack

Enjoy 5 classes over the course of 3 months


10 class pack

Enjoy 10 classes over the course of 6 months


Online Memberships

Join the Wolfpack and support the studio with one of our carefully created membership options. All monthly memberships include access to our exclusive on-demand video library which includes; weekly classes, special classes, extended classes & series. There is no contract and can be cancelled any time.

Summer Sale!

Use the code: summerwolf

to get discount on the first 3 payments of your Online Unlimited or Mini Monthly Membership! *terms & conditions apply.

Front of the Pack: Accessible Membership

We believe money should never be a barrier to joining our community so we created Front of the Pack. This is an accessible membership option that is available to anyone who cannot comfortably afford our regular pricing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can set you up on a custom plan that is suitable for you! Contact hello@wildwolfsyoga.com now!

Terms and conditions apply, click here for full T&Cs

Online Classes FAQs

How do I book an online class?

On our website head to our timetable and click book beside the class you want to join! Chose your payment option or redeem a class pass if you already have one. You can also download the Mindbody app and search Wild Wolf’s Yoga to see our whole schedule and book from there. If you are a new client, head to the New Clients page on our website which will help answer any questions you might have!

I’ve booked my class, what happens now?

Find yourself a cosy spot at home to practice and make sure everything is set up. We will send you the link via email around 15 minutes before the class starts.

Do I need to download anything to my phone / computer?

If you are using a phone or iPad then yes you will need to download the Zoom app. It’s not essential to download it on a desktop but having the application will help make the process a bit smoother.

It’s 5 minutes before the class and I don’t have the link, what should I do?

Try refreshing your inbox or checking your junk. If you still don’t have it drop us an email to hello@wildwolfsyoga.com and someone will send it again!

I booked but cannot make the class, how do I get the recording?

We will email the recording of the class out automatically to everyone who has booked immediately after the live stream and you will have access to the recording for 24 hours. 

I booked a class but decided not to attend, can I have my pass back?

We do not offer refunds to returns of passes if you simply decide not to join.

What if I get sick or have an unexpected change in my situation and cannot attend the class?

If you suddenly become ill or have a situation at home that means you cannot tend then we are happy to refund money to return your pass. Contact us at hello@wildwolfsyoga.com if this is the case.

Do I need to have yoga props?

It is not essential to have anything at all, you can even make do with out a mat as long as you have something to pad your knees on the floor! Sometimes props might be suggested and we can help you make-shift them from home items.

I’ve clicked the link to join the class but am in a virtual waiting room, what should I do?

Just wait! The teacher or host will admit you into the virtual class as soon as they see you are waiting, this is for security reasons.

I can’t hear the teacher what should I do?

Check your device volume is up and then ensure you are ‘connected to audio.’ If this doesn’t work try leaving the meeting and rejoining.

I have an injury or I am new to yoga can I still practice?

This is really up to your own intuition! The teacher can suggest modifications for injuries if you let them know in advance, but you will have to manage your movement and listen to your body. If you are new we would suggest you start with a gentle class or beginners class first just as if you were taking a class in the studio.

The way to your inspired movement.