I have had lots of people asking where I got the gingerbread house from. I made this last year and the saga of the house was quite epic… This was a project I set to with my buddy @emington and I think I can safely speak for her…

Advice from two girls who made gingerbread houses from scratch:

????do not eat all the candy

????print out a template and do NOT loosely hand draw your roof, chimney or sides to the house casually believing you can build a solid structure with wonky uneven sides

????eat vegetables somewhere in between the 6 hour process to prevent getting the full on sugar shakes

????do not be smug when your roof appears to stay put

????put as many sweets as possible and see what your decoration says about you

????????‍????laugh a lot

????limit how much gingerbread dough you and your dog eat

⭐️do not light your candle too early as your roof or icing may melt and your roof and even sides of the house may collapse

????listen to Mary Berry when she says leave the house for 4 hours or overnight DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE

????consider the philosophical lessons you have learnt and explore while making a house of gingerbread

Poor Emily had a roof collapse when we attempted to move the house too early (it was midnight on a school night and we had been baking and creating since 4:00 in the afternoon) then she tried to recreate Mary Berry’s icing that acts like super glue- without an electric whisk- the house collapsed again Emily: ‘I felt like achieved something today and then I realised it meant nothing.’

Jess; ‘Our roof decoration looks so different. Does mine mean I am a bit uptighttttttt????’

Emily & Jess concluded: ‘That was so much fun.’ ????????????