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Izzi is our cosmic mediation guide here at Wolfs, she hosts Moonlight Mediation 7.30-8.15pm on Tuesdays and Sunrise Meditation 7.45-8.30am on Thursdays. Izzi’s classes will take you on a journey to discover your own internal place of balance and calm. Deeply interested in cosmic exploration, how we can move through altered states of consciousness and open ourselves up to our own potential, Izzi has shared with us her own experience and recommendations on how to deepen your mediation practice.

“The advice I am going to share with you is from my personal experience with my own practice, which really is all I can share. There is a depth to the knowledge gained through experience which cannot be learned by reading about it, it takes time and there are layers and layers to uncover and move through. I find the more I experience the less I realise I know, so here are some of my suggestions which have guided me along the way, they are here for you to take or leave.

I recommend finding your one love surrounding meditation that will always be greater than any resistance your mind can come up with. Often the more comfortable or content people feel in life, the more they say that they don’t need meditation. I feel like this is where more understanding comes, because I see meditation as the most incredible exploration of all facets of yourself, of ‘reality’ and can open up infinite possibilities with psychic abilities/ supernatural potential. So it isn’t really a case of not “needing” it, I truly believe everyone should give themselves this gift of self exploration and connection to truth.

Deepening your practice is something which can only come from you, the intent and the intensity or dedication of your meditations is important to allow you to move deeper into altered states of consciousness. Before you begin I would pick a method you are going to follow for the duration of time you’ve allocated, whether that’s just following your breath or mantra repetition, and stick with it. Stay focused on the technique you have chosen to follow and each time your mind tries to move you away come back to it.

Consistency is important, I personally meditate for 50 minute to an hour every morning and every evening. The more disciplined I am with my practice the deeper the exploration I am able to enter into. Splitting your practice is a great option, even if its 20 minutes in the morning 20 in the evening, whatever you can commit to will be beneficial to your progression. Posture is also very important, having an erect spine will have such a positive impact on your practice. So make sure that you are aware of your spine, making adjustments when you need.

Be aware of your heart, the layers of your heart, that space of home inside you. There is a real subtle, delicateness in being able to drop from the mind into the feeling of the heart, the heart is known as the bridge between the sky and the earth. By focusing our breathing and our awareness in our own heart space we can open up to this unconditional, limitless loving potential that exists with in each one of us. In this reality are conditioned to believe that we are limited to our 5 senses. When we start to mediate, purifying our spine, balancing our chakras and opening our hearts to love we are able to open ourselves up to other dimensions, visions, and self exploration. This journey to understanding our true nature is unique to each one of us, there are many paths.

Here are some meditations you might like to try out:

1) Trataka – for your third eye. This has been one of the most powerful methods for me.

2) Shamanic journey meditations

3) Sushumna breathing

4) Chakra balancing

5) Breathwork

As time has gone on I have moved out of the meditations I first began to learn, my practice has evolved and I follow my own intuitive lead. Some things resonate and some things don’t so above everything trust your own internal compass. Every single person is living in an entirely different reality, no one is you, with your memories, your experiences and your self work. So really trust yourself, drop from your mind into your heart and listen with your feeling sense. Everything is already inside of you, every single answer so let yourself be still and really listen.

Spiritual practice doesn’t end when we stop meditating, let your life be your practice. Deepen your knowledge through reading around meditation and other other expanding topics. Create a little space, whether you have a room for meditation or a corner which you have made especially for practice. Make it as beautiful as you like, pictures, candles, incense so that meditation is not a chore for you and you find the beauty of going inside, experiencing altered states of consciousness and connecting with your own magick.”


Join Izzy Tuesdays 7.30-8.15pm & Thursdays 7.45-8.30am