Meet the Hy3rid Team: Dai, Ali & Captain.

Ali on the left, Dai in the middle and Captain on the right


We have felt so excited to combining forces with these boys. Combining our yoga ways with their strength and mobility knowledge is a super sweet enrichment for the Wild Wolf community… Taken from Hy3rid’s Instagram post after coaching their first session at Wild Wolf’s gives us a little insight into where they are coming from:

‘You often don’t appreciate the ability to move your body pain free, until you can’t do that anymore… Having all had pretty severe injuries to both knees, shoulders, elbows, spines (plus pretty much every other major joint), movement and mobility is massively important to all of us on the Hy3rid team. We know first hand how debilitating not having physical freedom is.

A massive pleasure for us to coach today at @jess_wildwolfsyoga
We’ll be back weekly to coach the class through movement with an emphasis on controlling active range, looking at how to create tension under load and ensuring you aren’t just hanging out on joints.’

Ulle and I decided to devote our weekly theme to the boys! We were so thrilled they said they would join us! So our theme last week was all things hybrid- combining it with a ‘Wild Night In’ and Ulle’s fave movie Napoleon Dynamite and fave quote:

‘A liger is like my favourite animal. It is a tiger and lion combined. Bred for it’s skills and magic.’ Interestingly the week taught us all sorts of things!  Our Wild Night In morphed into something new when we had technical issues. We had to think on our feet and suddenly snacks and movie became snacks and games… AND IT WAS THE MOST FUN EVER. Yoga had lots of mixed poses. Hy3rids. Also a lot of combining elements… An owl squat with eagle arms became an owgle… a gecko hand and pigeon pose turned into a gegeon. Fire with water, earth with air… So a good theme all in all 😉

And you know the funny thing that we discovered about our Hy3rid superheroes? Is that they come to us with their more that straight up coaching. YES WE KNOW THEY ARE SUPERHEROES and they inspire us to become stronger humans just being around them (I am sure my quads grew by osmosis when I stood near ALi!) but the spiritual dimensions yoga open up is totally their bag too. These boys know their spirit animals, straight up! Didn’t flinch when we asked them! Just goes to show not to assume anything. And us gals at the studio are not even definite on ours. Ulle is still working hers out (Mary says cat, Lawrence says goat and Ulle is not sure, mine often changes – although I always come back to dragonfly and in the studio girls say it is Queen Slug because of my love of the Slow Yoga!).

So these boys have inspired us to find our inner superheroes and to delve that little deeper into our spirit animal quest.

SOOOOOOOO POP QUIZ! First correct response can come to the studio and collect a vest or t-shirt from the studio1

Panda, Stallion and Monkey!!!!

Do you know which Hy3rid human matches with these animals????


Captain (Tom Morgan)


Come and get to know them a bit better down at the studio, watch out for upcoming workshops and you can also find them down at Sweatbox!

Yoga: Strength *& Conditioning with Hy3rid on Tuesdays, 1:05-1:50pm