The other day, I overheard Lawrence speaking to someone. I heard him say, “I am soul wedded to this studio.” My ears pricked up. I had never really heard that term before. Lawrence is that a good thing???? It sounds romantical… I think?!?! Have we trapped you? 😉

Before the studio opened, Lawrence was wearing his other hat: Carpenter Lawrence and was working on the final push to bring the studio to life… we sneaked onto the roof to get some shots. (Before getting totally told off by my dad!)


I decided I wanted to blog this idea of being ‘soul wedded’ while we had this theme…

Question is this: Lawrence, what do you mean by saying you are soul wedded to the studio?

Hmm what did I mean when I said that? It’s difficult to put into words, it’s more of a sensation than anything else, and the thing that makes that sensation so powerful is knowing the same feeling is shared by everyone that meets us here. For me the space is neutral ground, there are no egos, no masters preaching in absolutes and no ‘way’, we meet at this level, in space to express where we are and as we are. We have conversations here unknowingly, facial expressions, body language, gestures and movements that speak more directly than words can communicate, meeting as people first over ‘teacher’ and ‘student’. This I feel soul bound to, a space where we speak without words, work with compassionate intent and learn as equals.

Lawrence and Rufus on site September 2016!

I love that romance can come in all shapes and forms, friendships, our attitudes towards the world and ourselves. When romantical notions and descriptions are simply about a space, a studio and a place of common ground.

Lawrence and I have a savasana together 🙂


I have had the joy of working with Lawrence and all things Wild Wolf’s from the very beginning… What a joy! I love that he is in our lives and what he brings to the studio. And guess what?Our Mr Power Yoga has begun to walk a little on the Yin side…I am heading to his workshop this Sunday…First in our Wild Winter series…


We all are pretty in love with yoga and what a joy to have a space and a place to be who we are in our practices. Yoga, Wild Wolf’s and the whole pack… I am pretty much soul wedded too. Thank you, dear Lawrence, for introducing this term to me.

Dear Studio…( in the most romantical words of all time, from my favourite movie)

You have bewitched mebody and soul.

~ Mr Darcy, Pride and Prejudice