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Since we made the decision to pack up the original studio and move up to the Wolf Den (which has been a funny little dance of saying goodbye to our sweet den and then finding ourselves moving back), we have been flooded by beautiful responses from you.

We wanted to share some of these lovely words with you – as we know how much the space meant to so many of you and of course to us too. But for now we’re delighted to be back in our familiar Wolf Den home. Wild Wolf’s is so much more than the wooden floors, the candles and the smells, we are a welcoming community and aim to look after every single one of our students. While all of our teaching styles differ, there is a magical essence that binds our team together and we know that whether we are in-person or in the online realm the enchanted feel of Wild Wolf’s can be felt.

We know that the studio touched so many of you, but we are confident that Wild Wolf’s is a vibe that can be taken anywhere, as studio regular Derek noted:

“Wild Wolf’s means so much to me, as I know it does to you all too

But I have every faith that whatever space you occupy you will make a haven for all of us

My heart aches for the loss of the current studio, but it is eased by knowing that you will make The Wolf Den just as welcoming and magical a space”

And as fellow student Kim said: “Thank you for continuing to look for new ways and for not giving up” – we know this is not the end and life is an ebb and flow of doors closing and opening, as yogis we must be flexible and move with the times!

“So sorry to hear the news of the beautiful studio closing but I loved the Wild Box when I visited and really look forward to joining you there. It’s been such a strange year for us all but I truly believe that every new path takes on on exciting adventures! “ – Ali

Lottie, such a familiar face in studio always championing us, thank you for your words of encouragement and we look forward to welcoming you back once again – 

“Be proud of yourselves. Be so very proud! 

Close the doors with your heads held high and with your hearts filled with the warmth of all that was shared in that magical space, always with love 💕 

I will light a candle, with hope, that there will come a time when you will open the door again. Love to be there with you when you do”

Deb, another kind and familiar face at Wild Wolfs. I always knew when she had been at the studio – always baring gifts – flowers, veg, and this delicious mousse-y chocolate cake which me and Ulle would devour over lunch –

“I’ve LOVED being back in the studio and have built up a lovely almost daily studio rhythm. loyalty and commitment to you all.”

We look forward to the hopefully not too distant future where we can share chocolatey goodness with you again Deb <3


“The studio will always hold deep and meaningful memories for me. I attended throughout the campaign (over a year long) that I was coordinating to stop Bristol airport winning its expansion planning application. Your Yin classes enabled me to stay present, lower my adrenaline surges as I took on this challenge. The rejection of the expansion plans is a yes to local democracy:  a yes to sanity at this time of the climate emergency and a yes to your skill and heartfelt presence. Thank you Jess. I couldn’t have kept going without you. I hope to see you again in the new studio, and certainly on-line. 

We are so honoured to of supported Tarisha at the studio during this fundamental time and we were so delighted at the news when she succeeded in her campaign! We know that the studio provided such a sanctuary where you could leave all of your work, thoughts, worries behind. The joy of escaping your desk and joining us at lunchtimes – “Wow. Gonna miss that place. Always such a haven for me, especially lunchtime lay downs when I managed to escape work.”

I loved reading these memories from Lynn, one of our longest serving members who is always a familiar face at workshops and events –

“Like everyone said today, the studio is a heaven and Jess is an angel. Such a good businesswoman. Learning everyone’s names. Making us feel welcome. The smell, the music. I will never forget Restorative on Sunday nights . 

The cafe in the early months – cant even remember its name now. The cinnamon rolls at Small Street or the other place on the way back to the bus. The cake shop in St Nicks. 

Memories – Rachel getting me to do somersaults with the ropes. Jambo getting me to do a handstand. Pairing me up with a poor little man who had to hold my legs with his nose level with my crotch ! 

The wonderful fundraiser you all put on 

The workshops. Some weird and wonderful.

Helenas women’s circles. The yoga facial lady. 

Rebecca the witch lady- that was a really powerful session. 

Leaving the studio late at night and the bus being cancelled and getting a taxi back to Park and Ride

Mary’s giggle

And the event when we made the mood boards doing cut and paste from magazines. I would never have done that on my own

So many memories”.

In every change, in every fallen leaf, there is some pain & some beauty. That’s the way new leaves grow. So while the original studio closes it’s doors for now, we are delighted to welcome you back into the cosy Wolf Den when we are allowed, and with our eyes on the future, we know Mr. Wolff has some very big plans for up there…