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Who / what has been your biggest teacher?

I have a few teachers who I adore so I’d have to say Paula Andreewitch… I’ve practiced with her for years so she’s probably one of my main teachers, and I learn a lot from T.K.V Desikachar, his teachings have always inspired me about yoga being a tool for healing. And then I think actually what is a really big teacher is life, relationships and the complexities of human relationships and how nature reminds us of our ability to change and grow and unfurl from one place to the other.

How has your practice changed over time?

So I used to practice Iyengar and Hatha which is very different from what I teach right now, but I would say the main thing is probably chanting. More and more chanting has weaved its way in, and also I think I teach probably a lot less strong than I used to – I think when I first started teaching it was all quite powerful but now I think its shifted and its perhaps a little more mindful,

What are you really vibing at the moment? Could be a pose, teacher, class, music etc

So what I’m vibing at the moment would actually have to be what I was teaching today and the past week which is the concept of ‘spanda’. A divine pulsation that is this creative pulse that moves and animates the whole of the universe and comes from the Sanskrit word ’spadi’, which means to move a little so I’m really enjoying teaching that and the idea that life force animates us from within and how our movements can fully explore and embody that.

Tell us about your relationship with Wild Wolfs? Can you share some of your favourite memories with us?

So I have a really warm and fuzzy feeling when I think of my relationship with Wild Wolfs, I’ve been teaching at Wolfs for about 3/4 years? Julia got me on board, many moons ago and I just remember walking in and there being this wonderful atmosphere of warmth and community. And one of my favourite memories has got to be last Christmas when we all sat around singing Mariah Carey fused with some vedic chanting. All of us sat round on bolsters sharing song and it was really beautiful evening. Also when Jess and I discovered a mouse in the Wild Box right in the middle of Savasana!

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