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Who / what has been your biggest teacher?

So I would say the yoga teacher who has impacted me the most has been Bryan Kest, who basically founded Power Yoga in America. He taught me that yoga is more about how it makes you feel than how flexible you are. He often makes jokes and comments about how no one is happier or healthier just because they’re more flexible, and when I first started practicing with him I didn’t really know what he meant and was still trying to achieve certain poses and certain levels of flexibility. But he had this way of teaching that was really fun, and I did it because it felt good rather than trying to do something that was really advanced.

How has your practice changed over time?

It’s a bit cliche but time itself, injuries and getting older have all taught me to back off and do little and often rather than 2 hours of really intense practice every 2 weeks. This has helped me to avoid burn out and injuries.

What are you really vibing at the moment? Could be a pose, teacher, class, music etc

Ohhh, I’m really vibing a genre of music called Soultronic, you can find it on Spotify and it’s really base-y and deep and groovy. I’m also really vibing doing Barre classes, I just love doing lots of that at the moment in terms of exercise!

Tell us about your relationship with Wild Wolfs? Can you share some of your favourite memories with us?

Thats a big one! It’s hard because there’s just so many great memories. But at the moment I just really miss all of us sitting at the table, eating cake and drinking coffee and just bouncing off of each other! We all really support each other and that is just the best thing. Wild Wolf’s is such an inclusive environment and it’s something I’m so grateful to be a part of.