So our 2nd Birthday has just happened… We had beautiful messages and we had a RIDICULOUSLY LOVELY evening that I am still feeling cosy warm from. Words, thoughts and feelings people shared with us… There is no denying it- our space is magic. It is. We all love it! And we should celebrate it and feel proud. The studio was built on the intention to create a place where people feel good. So atmosphere, a warm welcome and LOVE sits at the heart of all we do. This intention is what we always return to. The details of our studio are inspired from this. 

I have not found the right time to say what the celebration meant to us and there seems to be so much to say! And at the same time maybe nothing needs to be really said at all. Let’s enjoy Chrissy Frij’s words about her Wild Wolf experiences. She sums up what many of you have been sharing with us… I have been meaning to share this blog for awhile…

When I first popped into Wild Wolf’s yoga studio, I thought it would be like any other studio I’ve been in but after my first class there I realised that it wasn’t. There was something about that studio that made me want to linger around after finishing a class, unlike my usual rushing out once class was over. What made it so different and unique to other studios? I asked myself this one day as I wondered why I was drawn to the place. It had everything a great yoga studio would have; fantastic teachers, urban/yogi vibe and a lovely interior. However, it was only after several months that I realised what it was and why it attracted me so much. Details.

In general, we tend to be in awe of big, loud things nowadays. Big, challenging yoga poses, large studio, large crowd etc. It’s what draws us to practice yoga nowadays, what motivates us to stumble our way to a studio even when our minds and bodies are not in the best condition. Practice makes perfect but even more importantly and often unnoticed, details make perfect. The studio feeds on details. It would not be Wild Wolf’s if it weren’t for the small details that teachers tend to spot and help with during our practices. It would not be Wild Wolf’s if it wasn’t for the warm cup of tea waiting for us after class. It would not be Wild Wolf’s if it wasn’t for every time you walked in, the teachers just knew how you were feeling and would always adjust the practice to suit everyone. That is why at Wild Wolf’s, my practice has flourished so beautifully.  

Jess spoke about details at the last yin class I took with her which ironically was exactly how I felt about our last class together. I told Jess after class that she had qualities of a big sister, someone who knew how to talk and treat people because she had that rare characteristic quality of spotting detail.  

~ By Chrissy Fraij

You know what I remember about Chrissy? That one day her smile was not as sparkly as it normally was when she greeted me. You okay? Writer’s block. Strange because I swear I could see a swirl of words and and a sea of sentences busying themselves around her. We did a lunchtime class and after she smiled at me. A huge, smile full of warmth. Like the slate had been wiped clean. She came back a few days later. How did the writing go? ‘So much better. In fact, great.’

Hearing Chrissy describe me as a person with big sister qualities is quite something. With this 2nd birthday, I have ONLY just realised that I have been in big sister role (I know, right??? I even had Little Sis Julia in tow for over a year!) Steph has been working hard in other businesses and is so busy being an amazing mother. She was always the big sis so what an honour to be seen as having the qualities of a big sister when I know how lucky I am to have mine, and when I know just how amazing a big sis is,

Studio love reflected back has been so special as we head into our 2nd year. Having felt and heard the details you love has made us shinier than ever :-).