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After an extremely long and unusual year, the physical studio has slept while the online studio has been very much awake and active, we are delighted to be finally welcoming you back, albeit in a slightly new form. It has been such a pleasure connecting with you far and wide in the online space that we have decided to keep our classes that way for now. However, our space is still very much a community space that is here for you. As you may know, we have moved into a new space within the stock exchange, just above the old studio.

As we adapt and grow, we are happy to be inviting you back for massage, beauty treatments, co-working, trainings and more before we start to re-introduce our much loved regular yoga classes.

The new space, set up for collaborative working



I still remember it like yesterday when we made the decision to close with a lockdown impending, hiring out props and bolsters, running up and down the stairs as students came to collect, calling all of our teachers, organising plant fostering, preparing for zoom life.

Of course none of us knew that  we would still be here in the online realm a year later, but looking back at all the wonderful things we did fills me with joy. From our epic weekly Wild Bakes – cakes, scones, quiches, scotch eggs (our housemates and partners were never so well fed) to Sweet Service – donation based offerings from our teachers that expanded beyond teachings of yoga and found us delving into song, coffee, astrology, flow state and more. Even Julia dialled in from Melbourne Australia to share a gloriously juicy practice with us all.

From our homes to yours, we grew closer in many ways than ever before. As many things changed, some things felt oddly familiar – the crossing over of classes, hosting our teachers and seeing the same loyal crew, and welcoming new faces who may not of been able to join us in person before.

To celebrate our epic teaching team who have supported us through out, we are delighted to bring you this series of ‘inside the pack’ blogs to champion the wolf pack family and our classes. A little dive into our teachers inspirations and practices that we are excited to share with you.