It’s easy to be inspired and get on board with a project when the driving force behind it is so passionate about its content. It also helps that for the most part, Jess and I have found ourselves on the same page about a lot of things when it comes to the new Instagram we started back in September. Other times we’ve found ourselves brain-storming together to find the right way to communicate what-ever-the-hell its is we are trying to say.

Firstly, let me back track, I’m talking about Tales of Wild Wolf’s (@talesofwildwolfs) our new instagram account through which we story tell the minute details of the studio. Each chapter of the story is defined by a theme, each theme is brought to life in a series of 9 photos. Each photo aims to define and bring to life a unique concept or feeling. These in turn come together to tell the story of the space as whole, a place of warmth and safety, of love, compassion, inclusivity and (as you will hopefully start to see from the photos) a place of constant transformation.



Secondly, this project means a lot to Jess and its been amazing to help bring it to life with her, for me I am really loving the challenge of finding the right visual representation for an idea or a feeling. There is so much life inside the studio, the building itself, the objects that fill it, the memories it holds and the energies that swirl around inside of it. Through this storytelling project I get to learn its history, and by working at the studio I get to contribute to its transformation. 

And lastly, this project has ignited inside of me two more passions, the first is photography (for which I have no formal training but lots of enthusiasm.) I’ve always loved photography and how it can capture such emotive and enchanting feelings, these are wound up in a moment that will never exist again, but can be felt again at any time by looking at the photo. I saw this first hand as Jess relived the emotional rollercoaster of the initial build as she showed me all the photos captured at the time.


The second is mood boarding, we have an endless stream of information and inspiration around us, it’s so easy to access. Our chapters have been brought to life with inspiration that we’ve been documenting in mood-boards on Pinterest, if you’d like to see that part of the journey, head to Wild Wolfs Yoga on Pinterest site or app and check it out! Its impossible to create anything if you aren’t feeling inspired, maybe you might feel inspired by our new project to embark on something creative of your own, failing that you’ll just really like following our journey!