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Here at Wild Wolfs, we’ve always been suckers for a bit of romance and fairytale endings. So with Jess as our leading queen of hearts, it feels natural for us to celebrate Valentines each year.

Slugentines illustration by Pete Rafferty AKA Aquaraff for The Gift of Valentine


Previous years have seen the Gift of Valentine – an evening of yin, chocolate and love songs, a Galentines when Jess, Mary and Ulle went to Amsterdam in 2019 and last year I hosted a cosy Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath in the Wolf Den. This year we’re delighted to still get together with you in the online realm for our Valentines day retreat.

Jess, Ulle and Mary in Amsterdam on Valentines Day 2019


Forever fascinated by the mystical, I started to look a little deeper into the esoteric origins of Valentines and its astrological significance…

While valentines as we know it was coined in the middle ages after a 3rd Century Saint,  it’s origins are actually even older (and darker!). It is thought that the celebrations of Valentines day are based on Lupercalia, a pagan fertility festival once held in Rome. Legend has it that the founders of Rome, Remus and Romulus, were raised by a Lupa (she wolf) in a sacred cave. I love that Valentines has a connection to a caring she wolf – no wonder Jess is so romantic!

To commemorate the Lupa for saving their lives, each year on the 15th of February the priests of Rome would make sacred sacrifices and the residents would take the streets and slap one and other with bloody cowhides. Then, the young women of the city would place their names into an urn to be matched with the cities bachelors. As with many pagan festivals, Lupercalia was christianised and during the middle ages it was commonly believed that Valentines day was the beginning of the birds mating season and should be celebrated as a day of romance. It can definitely be said that we start to feel the first inklings of spring around this time – growing up we had a pond in our garden and we would always notice the frogs would start to get it on around valentines!!

Another tradition stemming from Roman & Greek mythology is Cupid – an image we tend to see a lot of around this time of year. Based on Eros, the hunky greek god of love, he was turned into the chubby arrow shooting baby we know of today by the romans. With cupid meaning ‘desire’ in latin, he is following the wishes of his mother Venus (goddess of love) to help people fall in love.

In astrology Venus is the planet of love, relationships and romance and moves into a different sign about every 2 months. She has recently moved into Aquarius, the visionary air sign driven by humanitarianism, innovation and ideals. Community is important to Aquarius so find creative ways to spread love locally this valentines with things like care packages, love letters and of course our valentines day retreat.

If there’s someone special in your life (friends, family, lovers) that you wish to treat this Valentines, here is my star sign gift guide:

-If you love an Aries this Valentines, appeal to their fiery heart with spicy smelling candle.

-If Taurus is the one for you, treat them to a cosy night in – just make sure it’s full of luxury.

-Gemini got your heart? Gemini’s love to chat so book in some quality time with a fast paced board game.

-In love with a Cancerian? Sentimental and sweet, surprise your favourite crab with a photo album of your love.

-If a Leo has your heart beating, treat their lion’s mane to some upmarket hair care products.

-Virgo giving you all the feels? Give them a day off from being a clean freak by deep cleaning the house.

-Libra caught your eye? Ruled by Venus herself, they love anything romantic – just don’t let them make any decisions.

-In deep with a Scorpio? Poor them a glass of red and run them a candle lit bath.

-Fallen for a Sagittarius? They’ll be craving adventure this Valentines – pack a picnic and cycle somewhere new.

-Going steady with a Capricorn? Give these hardworking signs a break and treat them to a foot massage.

-Aquarius asked you out? Appeal to their weirdness with a indie wacky film and organic prosecco.

-And finally, if you love a Pisces fuel their creativity with a new paint set or sketchbook.


Join us for our Wild Hearts day retreat this Sunday 14th Feb for whimsical and heartfelt day of yoga, cooking, song, meditation and more! Book your space here.