‘How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.’

We have so many amazing projects and opportunities at Wild Wolf’s… Our most recent post in our storytelling Instagram, @talesofwildwolfs, captures something close to our hearts…

It begins like this:

Chapter 3 ~ Stained Glass

“I consider myself a stained-glass window, I am the multi coloured glass with light filtering through me, in many different shades. My job is not to direct anything l, but only to filter light in many colours. My answer is destiny and my guide is joy, and there you have me.” – C. Joybell.

Do you know about The Terere Kids project? It is an inspirational scheme that helps young kids in Rio de Janeiro enjoy free jiu jitsu classes, providing a safe recreational environment away from drugs and violence. It’s a cause we feel super passionate about and have raised for before….let us tell you the story of how we became involved and what we are up to now…

Wild Wolf’s are running their second event in their support of this wonderful cause. The last Restorative & Massage with Baked Goods raised over £400 and this money helped to take Fabricio Silva to the Euros, a competition where he got bronze!

We have made a connection with this social project as Wild Wolf’s have connected with Pedro Bessa BJJ. This has been a relationship that has grown through me finding a little side story…a world away from the wolfpack studio into a new realm altogether- the Pedro Bessa School of BJJ. Tom Showler, who many of you know, has featured in our blog and very much features in my life. He is someone who helped me cultivate a love of BJJ and made me feel at home in a place that could have felt so very worlds apart from anything I know. Tom is a brown belt with Pedro Bessa and teaches in his school alongside him.

Pedro is third degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with schools in Wales and Ireland as well as his Bristol Academy. To support Terere Kids Project back in Brazil means a lot to him; his BJJ school have run different events to raise funds. This amazing social project has evidence of success in the highest levels of the sport. Top level black belt athletes have come up through these programs.

Pedro Bessa says; “I’ve visited the Terere Kids Project several times and it always inspires me to train with those kids! With the drug cartel just around the corner from them and no help from the government, Jiu-Jitsu sessions bring a great distraction from it. Despite all the poverty and social disadvantage, the kids are always full of energy, singing and playing with each other before or after training, it makes the atmosphere at the dojo very vibrant and warmly welcome! The project relies on the jiu jitsu community around the world to fund those kids to go to competitions, buy them gis, belts, and provide with some fruit and snacks after sessions!”

Here it is from the man himself, Pedro Bessa and from Fabricio Silva too:


Next up, is ‘The Gift of Valentine’. On Friday the 15th of February, yin lovers, love song fanatic, chocolate and cookie snaffler this is the Valentine Gift for you… While enjoying this cosy love filled evening, we can feel warm in our hearts that we are gifting others supporting the dreams of those that may not have the same opportunities as ourselves. So many wonderful people have come together to make this an extra magical class…

Emily, pictured here is the one who brought the idea of supporting this inspirational scheme and she has been a huge support to me negotiating my way in BJJ!!!

For ‘The Gift Of Valentine’ Emily and I will be providing baked goods by donation. And Em will host once again! Last time she said she got ‘high on her own supplies’, as we yoga-d and she manned the cookies! She kept donating and munching and then was on full power to tell us all about the project when we came out of class!!! LOVED IT!

Sooooo, I will be teaching a Yin session while Marc and Libby sing love songs. I can not wait for this. We also have wonderful Philip, aka ‘The Boy With The Chocolate Hands’ is providing incredible handmade vegan chocolates for us to sample during the closing part of the class. And just a week before the event, the gorgeous Charlie and Kirsty have got involved too. Charlie donated her time and hands last fundraiser and she was thrilled to message me and say she managed to get the night off work and will be back to gift her time once more. Kirsty has come on board with vegan baking delights! She is a friend of Pedro Bess BJJ School and Wild Wolf’s have been eyeing up her amazing cakes on insta for awhile, and were keen to make friends 😉 She is kindly crafting some baked goods to sample at the end of class and for sale donation!

Price of the class is £18 and bookable on MoveGB with a top depending on your price plan. All proceeds will be going to the Terere Kids Project.

Please come along for a beautiful evening at the studio; gift yourself and gift others too!

‘Happiness is knowing that you are loved, even from across the ocean.’