As you may have noticed, more and more Extended Classes have been creeping onto our timetable, gaining momentum and a following as they go. We are delighted to have scheduled the next 6 months of Extended Classes in a smorgasbord of styles from our diverse teaching team.

Sink Into: Yin was our first foray into Extended Classes, and we found that the two hours of yin really gives the teacher the option to teach something a little deeper, spending a little longer in each pose and finding more time in the in-between to allow the body to rebound and settle. A “privilege for the body”, Jess described as she could physically see people sinking deeper into their bodies.

Wildcat Ulle and meditation queen Izzi then introduced their Power of Stillness – a yin and yang style class of flow into stillness, while Lydia took on our monthly Power Play: Balances created to give students a chance to delve a little deeper into arm balances and inversions – a solid two hours of play to explore, have fun and build strength and confidence.

Over Christmas, as we paused our weekly classes but wanted to give our students to practice for longer with their favourite teachers. From Yin and Nidra to Wild Flow, Power Yoga to Intro to Yoga, it was such a joy to spend a longer time on the mat undulating the body. Elena found the class was able to drop in deeper as she spent longer breaking things down and found it a chance to connect with students more.


Two hours of practice may initially feel intimidating, but as Loz said, “These aren’t gruelling 2 hour classes, we’ll start with a little chat, a slow gradual slip into some breath work before naturally finding ourselves moving the body creatively, both dynamic and slow. We round off these sessions with a mediation and a long rest.“ Student Kim described the classes as “magical, deep and needed”.

We’re so happy to be bringing more extended classes onto the timetable,  each month a different offering from a different teacher as we delve deeper into the body, space and mind.


February 16th
13.30-15.30: Wild Flow with Mary

March 1st
13.30-15.30 Sink into: Yin with Jess

March 7th
11.30-13.30 Power Play: Balances with Lydia

March 14th
10.30-12.30 Body Burn & Stretch with Freya

March 22nd
13.30-15.30 Yin & Nidra with Rachel

April 5th
13.30-15.30 Energising Flow with Ulle

April 18th
11.30-13.30 Power Play: Balances with Lydia

April 26th
13.30-15.30 Sink Into: Yin

May 2nd
11.30-13.30 Power Play: Balances with Lydia

May 10th
13.30-15.30 Wild Flow with Jess

May 23rd
13.30-15.30 Sink Into:Yin



Join us for one of our upcoming extended classes and find the joy in the longer practice.


A special 2 hour class with one of our Wolfpack

4 Extended Classes to be used within 6 months.