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A lot of you often comment on the smell of studio, the essential oils we always have burning & the beautiful mat spray – Jess is a bit of an essential oils witch and always makes the most beautiful blends that pour out the door and into the stairway.

And what about the music? I often feel music & smell go hand in hand… The way they can transport you back to certain place, time, feeling. The non physical senses which we have come to rely on even more so during this time which I’m sure will be centre stage as we prepare to re-open adhering to guidelines and the ‘new normal’.

Meet our team

Whether we are just working away or welcoming you into the studio we love having a bit of background nose. Mary always plays cool indie bands like Big Thief, Jess loves her romance songs and soundtracks and me and Ulle love a bit of ambient electronic music or Jose Gonzalez.

Sometimes when the music is on shuffle it will land on a savasana song like bells chiming and we all have to rush to get up to turn it off because it’s the 5th time we’ve heard it that day, it’s become a bit of a running joke!

I’ve been meaning to write this blog about the sounds we like to play in the studio since the start of lockdown and I was finally spurred on when Clare, one of our most loyal members told me she had put together a giant Wild Wolf playlist. Teaching over zoom means we are able to physically share our playlists with you – often after a class in the studio you’re so blissed out it’s hard to remember what song you even liked in the first place! So I know what a treat it has been for us all to be able to trawl back through playlists and see what we were listening to.

Clare put together this beautiful playlist of songs that remind her of the studio and links songs to our teachers. Seeing and listening to this playlist was a wonderful, almost reminiscent treat – seeing not only my favourite selection of songs to play in class but also discovering some of my fellow teachers favourites too.

“I made the playlist during lockdown because I was really missing the studio and I was really missing all you guys so I picked my favourite songs from each of your sessions – the ones that really stood out. I’ve always felt like there was a song that remind me of each of you. I like listening to it, sometimes it makes me feel like I’m at the studio, sometime is makes me have a little cry because I miss the studio so much and I miss you guys, but I’m so grateful for all that your doing and sometimes if I lie down in my little film den doing yoga and put on my essential oils and put on the playlist then I can just pretend I’m in the studio all together.” – Clare

Helena: Rainfall by Auntie Flo

Ulle: The Journey by Sol Rising

Jess: Devi Prayer by Craig Pruess & Ananda

Kitty: Sacral Chakra by Beautiful Chorus

Elena: Righteous Red Berets – Luke Vibert Remix by Felix Laband

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