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As we began to close down our studio for lockdown not only did we set up a bolster hire service for you guys, we also made sure our teachers would not go without either so they could set up their own little wild wolfs at home. With an excel document on the go, we checked in with teachers and asked what props and decor they would need to create their own little teaching sanctuary.

Mary drove around in Grandma’s car delivering little care packages to the Wolf Pack, a bolster here, a block or two there, an array of plants for the green fingered and the fake plants for the not so.

We touched base with our teachers to see how they were getting on with their new friends…

Rachel, is looking after our biggest plant, Paloma the Palm who you may well recognise from the main studio. Rachel commented on how often while she was teaching, the palm used to poke her or brush against her so it has now been given pride of place in lounge where the sofa once was. Rachel loves having Paloma in her home studio, even if she does now have to sit by the oven!


Ulle meanwhile, has been looking after this fun number with its decorative leaves. It sits in the corner of her office, watching her while she plugs away at her keyboard getting out the emails and wearing her Britney headset – and even when her and Loz practice BJJ rolls! She took this little timelapse of what daily life must look like from the plants perspective.


Mary has been looking after a little offshoot of the same plant, watching it grow as it sits on the kitchen table and the ivy she adopted basks in the sunlight of her bedroom – its gorgeous train tumbling down the wardrobe.



While there’s no place like home, we love that our plants are able to take a little holiday to see some new sights and catch the sun!