One of Jess’s students Kyle originally came up with the idea for the Wolf Cast, Jess had toyed with the idea before but Kyle’s suggestion really helped get the idea into motion. Jess then asked me if I’d be up for hosting, I’d also previously had ideas for a podcast but never managed to get it off the ground so this was the perfect marriage.

I did drama at school and had dreams of being an actress when I was younger… those dreams faded but I’ve clung onto some of the skills I learnt such as projecting my voice and articulating my words (all things which have come in very handy with teaching yoga!) so I really enjoy hosting and chatting away to our guests.

So far I’ve chatted with the girls about the story of the studio and where we are now for Episode 1, we talked about how we all came together and how the community has grown amongst other cute stories. In Episode 2 I spoke with Loz, Jacob and Tom about their different experiences and journey as men in yoga, how to keep yoga accessible to men and how to defy stereotypes.



In our most recent cast, Episode 3, I spoke with Kitty about Ayurveda which she has been studying for the last 10 years and offers Ayurvedic consultations. I touched the surface of Ayurveda when I was in India 5 years ago and it was beautifully refreshing to delve back into it with the ever-gracious Kitty who really laid out the basics and gave tips on how we all can bring a little Ayurveda into our daily life.

For Episode 4, we have friend of the studio and artist Aquaraff coming in to chat about his commissions (you may have seen his themes of the weeks, slugs and 2020 calendars hanging proudly on our walls) and involvement with the studio.

We are loving watching the Wolfcast grow as we collect beautiful guests and love hearing your feedback. If theres a specific topic or guest you’d like us to have on the cast let us know and we’ll do our best to feature them!