‘Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.’ ~George Bernard Shaw

We have been on a Wild Cleaning mission. It all started with Ulle ordering glass bottles of vinegar and saying, ‘We are cutting down on plastic and I have ordered this to clean with.’ I was a little flummoxed and did not feel at all confident about handing over some bottles of vinegar to Rina, our lovely and dedicated cleaner and saying, ‘clean with this.’ I mean, I needed to know more! We have been using some products that we really like from the Waitrose Ecological range for absolutely ages now in the studio. We love the smell of lemongrass and eucalyptus and felt as it was in the Eco range that this may be a better balance than some of the more heavy on the chemical brands… but the plastic was an issue and the more I researched the more I was aware that just because it is ‘eco’ or ‘green’ did not mean that the products were without chemicals. This article ‘The Truth About Green Cleaning Products’ from Live Science seems well balanced and sheds light on this topic.

We are on a journey of eliminating plastic and finding ways to create studio cleaning products that keep it sparkling, fresh and clean and are made entirely by us.

We have two recipes that create products that we are super happy with and ready to share.  One thing we now have stored under our sink is jars of vinegar that has a mixture of things infusing the vinegar: lemon/orange peel, rosemary, lavender… this is a great base for many products.

Floor Cleaner:


1 tbsp castille soap

4cups warm water

10-15 drops of pine essence

A sprig of rosemary and optional essential oils (tea tree/citrus-y ones are good)


Mix ingredients. Fill a bucket with warm water and mix a a capful or two in. Ready to mop.

All Purpose Cleaner:


1 cup infused vinegar

3 cups water


Mix and put in a spray bottle.

‘If everyone swept in front of their own door, the world would be a cleaner place.’ ~ Frank Sonnenberg


Watch this space for more Wild Cleaning discoveries and recipes!