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Our classes offer a focused and individual approach between the teacher and student and we want to make choosing your class easy.

At Wild Wolf’s we are all about movement and committed to guiding all of our students along the way. If you would like help choosing the right class, please message us for more information and advice.

Wild Flow Yoga


Teachers bring their unique approach to this style and enjoy the creative nature of our studio signature. Inspired by a Yin and Yang practice with balance, breath work, spiralling movements, flow and stillness, Wild Flow encourages you to move in ways that feel good for you.

Power Flow


Power flow encourages your curiosity as you weave through a creative sequence, transitioning with fluidity in between each pose. Strength is explored in longer held poses and complemented by the power of surrender as you melt into deeper stretches.


Energising Flow


Our teachers bring their own unique styles to this flowing style of yoga. Expect breath-work, energising movement and generally a strong practice. Sequences are designed to open up the body and release tension. Feel rejuvenated and strong.

Yin Yoga


A slower paced style of movement and relaxation. Expect seated and laying poses held for longer periods of time to encourage you to melt and release. Yin Yoga is a deeply nourishing, revitalising and restful practice – an antidote to life in the fast lane.



Restorative Yoga involves slowing down and opening the mind and body as you settle into supported postures. .

Wild Stretch & Breath


Follow the rhythm of your breath as you flow through a slower paced yoga sequence designed to recharge and open your body.  Find your nest in this practice of breath awareness, flow and stillness.



During this class you will be guided through meditation techniques which allow you to relax your body, slow down your mind and begin to connect with your depths of stillness. In our Sunrise meditation and Moonlight classes you can expect relaxation and mindfulness techniques, along with calming visualisations.


Slow Flow and Wild Stretch


Combining a slow yoga flow to nourish the body and mind with yin-inspired stretches. Moving more slowly encourages a depth and focus into the breath which can be quite powerful. From flow, we drop into a wild stretch to both rejuvenate and release.


Wild Core & Body Burn

Energetic & Strong

A melting pot of Pilates, Barre, Conditioning and Yoga.  A class that targets your booty and core, but is a total body workout, so get ready to sweat and feel the burn! The energy is high, and it will be over before you can say Plank, Squat and Stretch!