Wild Wolf's & The WIld Box Joint Memberships


Become a member with us and our sister studio The Wild Box and get a discount on both of your memberships, see below for more info!



How it works…


The Wild Box is a shared creation of Wild Wolf’s Yoga and Sweat Box Gym, two strong and respected forces in the development of yoga, fitness and martial arts in Bristol. Through personal experience of what each other had to offer, the founders of these two ventures realised that they shared many of the same passions and values. They discovered how much they could learn from exploring new disciplines and different worlds, and how valuable that could be.

You can mix & match any of the options together to create the joint membership that works best for you. Below are the membership options available and the discount that will be applied on signing up. For more information on The WIld Box memberships and timetable please click here.


The Wild Box Membership Options

Here are The Wild Box membership options and the discount that will be applied when selected as part of a joint membership. 

The Wildest Membership

Unlimited classes.

Normal price: £85
Discounted price: £62

The Wild Membership

Unlimited off peak classes (before 6pm) Mon-Fri

Normal price: £60
Discounted price: 48

The Mini Wild Membership

10 classes per month, anytime.

Normal price: £45
Discounted price: £38

Wild Wolf’s Membership Options

Below are the Wild Wolf’s Membership options that can be selected for this deal and the discount that will be applied.

Online Unlimited Membership

Unlimited classes online.

Normal price: £60
Discounted price: £48

Online Mini Membership

Join us for 4 online classes per week.

Normal price: £40
Discounted price: £35















Here are some examples of how you can combine options together and what the total amount might be.

The Wildest
Online Unlimited 


Total: £110 per month

The Wild
Online Unlimited


Total: £96 per month

The Mini Wild
Online Mini 


Total: £73 per month

How to sign up!


When you have chosen your joint membership options please contact us and we can help set you up, if you have any questions about how it works please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can also check out The Wild Box introductory offers here if you want to get to know the studio first before committing to a membership.

Existing members can be moved across to a joint membership right away and in-line with your current billing cycle.

Please read terms & conditions for our memberships here before purchasing.