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Tasty Leafy Greens

I love this tasty greens recipe that Jess introduced me to. It’s warming, wholesome and incredibly quick. I LOVE salt so I personally like to drown this in soy sauce but there’s so many options. It’s exactly what I like to eat when I get in late from the studio or to redeem myself during lockdown when I’ve spent all day snaffling biscuits.


Any greens at all- kale, spring greens, leafy


Olive oil

Soy / Tamari





Chop up your leafy greens and wash in colander.

Chop up 1-2 cloves of garlic.

Heat a dash of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil in a pan and warm the garlic.

Add leaves – make sure the leaves are super wet, so it becomes half frying/half steaming.

Simple and tasty enough is soy sauce or Tamari with a few tbsps of water and a splash of maple syrup if you like a bit of sweet!

Put the lid on after giving it a blast of high heat and let the leaves steam in the oil, garlic and soy/tamari.

Done in two minutes – I dollop tahini on the top and if I am feeling fancy I toast sesame seeds.

Serve on the side of any meal or on the top of some maftoul (Jess’s favourite)

So many variations and additions can be done! Chilli, ginger etc

Love, Helena xx