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Freedom in the Palm of Your Hand: Yoga Without Resistance. A Weekend workshop with Dan Peppiatt

18th May, 2019 | 9:00 am - 19th May, 2019 | 5:00 pm


An intensive weekend of liberated practice and exploration for yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners

Every one of us has the potential to be completely free…….

As yogis and yoga teachers we have chosen yoga as our vehicle to explore that freedom, but are we still unconsciously resisting the very freedom we are seeking.

Have we really broken down our walls through yoga or have we just constructed new boundaries?

To overcome this resistance in the body, breath and mind we often try to forcefully move past it – finding ever more complex ways to control the breath, to stretch the body and to wrestle the mind to stillness. I have met very few people I would consider to be ‘awakened’ or ‘liberated’ so it would seem that this approach isn’t working as well as we might imagine.

What if we simply stopped resisting?

Stopped trying so hard?

Stopped following imaginary traditions?

Stopped passing on second-hand experiences to our students?

In these two days we will use a variety or exercises, partner-work, group play and  plenty of discussion to test why this might be a very overlooked path to freedom.

An organic, adaptable path of least resistance that we can tailor to our own needs and encourage our students to tailor to theirs.

Topics that we will cover in this weekend will include:

Freedom of the physical body –

What is asana? Are there any boundaries to asana practice?

Practising asana without resistance

Finding perfect integration within postures

Alternate methods of holding and transitioning

Working with props and partners to facilitate spontaneity

Freedom of the Breath

Reviewing typical breathing patterns in modern humans and why they arise

Assessing the place and relevance of ‘traditional’ pranayama

Exploring functional breath-work as a way of re-educating for healthy breathing

Introducing alternative breath-work techniques from a variety of ancient and modern systems from free-diving to Buteyko breathing

Freedom of the Mind

Are you teaching and practising repression through meditation?

Exploring concepts of non-resistant such as Wu-wei

Science meets tradition : Bio-feedback in meditation; Flow state and Attention Deconcentration

Freedom within Your Teaching

Can yoga actually be taught?

Removing all pressures as a teacher

Are you really teaching authentically and if not why?

What do you really want to embody as a yoga teacher?

Connecting with your class and establishing ‘Group Flow State’

This weekend is aimed at yoga teachers and those with a dedicated practice.

It is suitable for all physical abilities and anyone open to entirely new possibilities 🙂

It is hosted by Dan Peppiatt of Yoga Like Water.

Yoga Like Water is probably the most unique yoga teacher training in the UK, our family of teachers are all entirely unique in their approach, understanding and sharing of yoga. Providing a totally safe environment in which to play, explore and draw from any technique that works, we simply facilitate a space in which every individual can embrace and become a hundred percent, perfect version of themselves, not an incomplete imitation of others.

This weekend draws on the essence of many of our explorations, distilling them into an intense weekend of play.

Price for the weekend:

Only 8 spots Early bird £140 once those spots are filled it will be £160 

email Ulle to book your spot:


18th May, 2019 | 9:00 am
19th May, 2019 | 5:00 pm
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Wild Wolf’s Studio
32 St Nicholas Street
Bristol, Bristol BS1 1TG United Kingdom