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Sweet Service: The Zen Art of Brewing Coffee with Nick

11th July, 2020 | 10:30 am - 11:00 am


An extra-special live & online charity class, come together in solidarity to support our wider community. During these difficult times we support and nurture ourselves in order to create the strength and space to support and help others. All proceed from this class will be donated to

The Zen Art of Making Coffee: How To Brew The Perfect Cafetiere!

 Nick has worked in the coffee industry for many years as a barista. It’s fair to say that specialty coffee and brewing coffee is a passion of his. Amazed by learning the sheer complexity and mind boggling amount of resources that are required for us ultimately to enjoy our favourite beverage.

From growing and harvesting the coffee cherry (Yes, coffee beans come from a cherry!)  Maintaining the perfect conditions for the arabica shrub to grow. A delicate shrub that is extremely sensitive to its environment. Care, soil, harvesting methods, weather and altitude all massively affect it’s flavour. Coffee has more flavour notes than red wine! Who would have known!?

This is all before it’s processed. Which come in various forms, most commonly Natural and Washed. This is the act of removing the layers of skin, pulp, mucilage, and parchment that surround a coffee bean.The coffee is then shipped halfway across the world where it is then roasted. Here in Bristol we are very lucky to have an array of fantastic local coffee roasters. Triple Co, Clifton Coffee, Wogan and more!

Learning about the complex process of producing coffee is never ending, a huge rabbit whole to go down (if you’re interested in learning more). A product that requires such extensive resources should surely warrant us carefully brewing, mindfully consuming and enjoying? Unfortunately this isn’t the case and coffee is enjoyed mainly as a purely stimulant. I fully support enjoying the extra kick that coffee gives. But what about combining mindfulness with coffee brewing?

 Nick will take us through how to brew the perfect cafetiere/french press (the most common form of home brewing) and show us how to establish a beautiful coffee routine/ritual. Teaching you tips and tricks for brewing at home. Taking care in each step of coffee brewing makes all the difference in enjoying the final beverage. Think of it like baking a cake, or cooking a delicious meal. How satisfying is it, when you carefully follow a recipe, and in the end have a delicious treat to enjoy! I promise you, it will not require the same amount of time as baking a cake or cooking a meal. In Fact you’ll be amazed how easy it is to improve your coffee brewing at home. And what a fun way to practice mindfulness, you don’t have to sit and meditate, you can just mindfully brew coffee! Who’d have known!? 

Equipment required:

 Cafetiere/French Press

Coffee (Ideally freshly roasted and whole bean. If not ground will be fine)

Grinder (Not essential but recommended)


Digital Scale


 See you soon, happy brewing!

* Free for any NHS or key workers. * Choice of donation for everyone else! * Bookable online via

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11th July, 2020
10:30 am - 11:00 am
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